Clipsal Cbus


Cbus Home automation System is highly regarded as a product that homeowners, architects, electricians and builders can trust to be robust and meet all the requirements its designed for.

We are highly experienced in Home Automation both large and small jobs.

C-Bus have developed the technology to make your life easier, to optimise your comfortability within your home, while potentially reducing your energy costs.

By installing the C-Bus home automation system you can control the lights that were left on and turn them off. It also provides the technology to set automatic timers, which can be highly beneficial if you have a similar routine.

But rest assured nothing you program into your system is set in stone, it is all adaptable and C-Bus have ensured their products are easy to use, so clients can adjust their settings with minimal effort and confusion.


C-Bus Saturn and Neo Enhanced Dynamic Labelling Technology (eDLT) Wall Switches

The best just got better. Clipsal’s eDLT provides sophisticated and user-friendly control of your C-Bus System and features a contemporary design that will complement any modern interior. It’s clean architectural lines and glass or metallic fascia create a visually stunning wall switch.

With the ability to have up to 16 function commands, you can eliminate the “clutter” associated with multiple wall switches, controlling an entire area from one stylish and colourful unit. Put simply, the eDLT is the UK's most advanced wall switch.

An extensive selection of customisable colour screen options and premium fascias allows you to customize the eDLT to suit your home and décor. Providing complete control of your Cbus system.


CBus Wiser

Wiser Home Automation Controller

The Clipsal CBus Wiser Home Controller makes using technology in your home easier and more convenient by providing seamless control of music, home cinemas, air conditioning, lighting, sprinkler system, security – you name it.

You get the same look and feel for everything, anytime, anywhere; from a light switch, a touch screen, a home computer, or even from your flat screen TV, as you are about to watch a movie.




The C-Bus Saturn range boasts a luxurious glass face and distinctive illuminated round buttons. It is arguably the most beautiful switch range available. The pure glass finish is not only stylish but is durable and easy to clean. If you prefer a metal finish, it’s also available in stainless steel, or with Saturn Horizon black or silver covers.

It is fully programmable and can go beyond simple on/off functions, delivering unlimited dimming, switching and other control functions as part of a C-Bus Home Control system.


Smart Voice

What is Smart Voice?

Smart Voice is the next generation of automation control, providing the simplest of user experiences. Until recently, smart home control required contact with a physical device, be it a switch, an app or a remote. Smart Voice finally removes need, providing control in the most natural, intuitive and convenient way possible.

Smart Voice changes any smart home into the home of the future, providing voice control over a range of automation systems. Smart Voice makes use of the latest in voice assistants, allowing customers to interact with their home via a smart speaker.

Smart Voice uses simple and adaptable voice commands to operate virtually any device, system or appliance.



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